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Golf Tips

Golf Exercise: The Kneeling Stepout

Use this best golf exercise to improve your mobility and stability throughout your golf swing.

Stretch 1: Tall Kneeling Stepout

  • Ready position kneel on towel with club held overhead

Stretch 2: Tall Kneeling Stepout

  • Step out with LEFT foot to 90 degrees

Stretch 3: Tall Kneeling Stepout

  • Twist upper body towards LEFT side

Stretch 4: Tall Kneeling Stepout

  • Step up with forward leg down and RIGHT leg lifted to 90 degrees

Stretch 5: Tall Kneeling Stepout

  • While holding balance, twist upper body to RIGHT keep RIGHT leg up

Stretch 6: Tall Kneeling Stepout

  • Return to kneeling with LEFT leg out

Stretch 7: Tall Kneeling Stepout

  • REPEAT 5-10 times on each side